Your Body is Your Vehicle


A common phrase I’ve been using for many years now is: Your body is your vehicle for life… but unlike your car, there are no trade-ins!

Our body is like a vehicle. It is a vessel to carry our consciousness into this world, and the vessel through which we experience the world. Of course, consciousness exists beyond the physical, however, the physical body does offer an anchoring for our consciousness into the physical world.

In a previous post, The Importance of Posture, I wrote, “The degree of postural integrity you have can dramatically change the way you experience life. A body that has postural integrity simply does not hold emotions, or experience pain, in the same way a body with poor posture does.”

It is true that as we age the body changes, and if you look around you can visibly see what looks like the effects of gravity weighing on people’s posture; backs becoming rounded as the chest caves in, causing the head to reach forward putting more strain and tension into the neck. The body has lost its integrity. These are the visible signs as we see it from the outside, but the experience of this to an individual inside a vehicle like this can be discomfort, chronic pain, headaches, lack of mobility, decreased vitality, digestive disorders, depression and anxiety… I could continue but I think you get the picture.

While this may seem like a sign of aging, these effects can be seen in the bodies of young and old. What is concerning is that I do see it more and more in the younger generation.

This loss of integrity often happens slowly, unless due to injury, so many people don’t notice or, as Dr. Eric Goodman (creator of Foundation Training) says, “they have complacently adapted.” Meaning they become complacent about what is happening to their body and do nothing to remedy it.


Continuing the analogy of the body as a vehicle; your experience of driving will be very different in a brand new luxury car as opposed to a 40 year old rusty, damp car with no power steering. A body that has integrity is stronger, performs more efficiently, is reliable and more enjoyable. Of course the analogy only goes so far, as you can’t buy yourself a new body, but you can tune it up, maintain it, make it stronger and get it performing more efficiently and get yourself out of pain.

This physical vehicle must last you for an entire life. Imagine you had only one car, and you knew it had to last you a life time. Would you treat your car differently? Would you take more care in maintaining it? Perhaps yes, perhaps no.

When I run Foundation Training courses I often ask the question; what kind of vehicle would you like to drive? What kind of vehicle is going to carry your consciousness? Would it be a high performance sports car, an efficient hybrid or electric car, a four wheel drive or a family car?

For many, reading this post may reinforce what you already know and do and perhaps put a different spin on it, but for others my hope is that this post puts the topic in a way that makes sense. If we can’t comprehend why we should do something then most likely we won’t do it.

Foundation Training is a tool for maintenance of the physical body. It is not the only tool, but it is one that effectively trains basic fundamentals of human movement, the way the body is designed to move.

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Move well, live well.

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