The Importance of Posture


In a process of healing, self exploration and becoming more conscious, the human body is a powerful tool. The degree of postural integrity you have can dramatically change the way you experience life. A body that has postural integrity simply does not hold emotions, or experience pain, in the same way a body with poor posture does.

Try a little experiment for yourself: Firstly, really let your posture collapse. Have your shoulders roll forward and round your back. From here, tune into how your body feels and your overall state of mind… Now, straighten up. Stand or sit tall, expand your chest, pull your shoulders back and tuck your chin in to lengthen the back of your neck, so your head is on top of your shoulders (not reaching forward). Then, again, tune into how your body feels and your overall state of mind. You should notice a vast difference in the overall feeling of yourself.

If you’ve had poor postural habits for a long time, you may not even be able to straighten up properly, but you should still be able to feel a difference.

Good posture creates a sense of well-being, while poor posture gives the sense of being weighed down, like the forces of gravity are working against you.

Now, go back to the poor posture. Imagine being like this all day, and the effects this would have on the state of your mind and body.

Now, straighten up again and feel the clarity and openness this brings, and imagine being like this all day. How would this effect the state of your mind and body.

Ask yourself; what is your default posture? And then ask yourself; what would you like your default posture to be?

It really is a choice. Establishing good postural habits does take some time, but well worth it!

The most simple and efficient method of training good posture and good movement patterns I have found is Foundation Training.


Foundation Training is a series of exercises created to correct poor movement patterns and poor posture. Poor movement patterns and poor posture compromise the integrity of our body, and over time lead to a typical breakdown of the way the body supports itself, which further leads to injury, chronic pain and decreased vitality and athletic performance.

Foundation Training helps you to regain your integrity by using specific exercises to correct muscle imbalances and retrain your body to start supporting you properly once again.

When we move well, we build our self up.
When we move poorly, we break our self down.

What do you choose?


If your choice is strong, efficient and pain free movement, click here to see when and where you can start.

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