Ben Fizell


Ben’s vision is a world in which people’s choices, words and actions are based in a space of integrity, Truth and heart, creating ripples throughout humanity at large. To create a world in which we all thrive, every individual must realize their own contribution to the collective and take responsibility for their own actions. Letting go of charged emotions, limiting belief systems and insecurities and stepping into the integrity of who we truly are. Life with clarity, inner peace and a sense of purpose.

“Personal transformation based on a greater vision of humanity at large.”

Since 1999 Ben’s aspiration for healing and consciousness has led him into many fields of study, from massage, movement training and a variety of healing modalities to exploring consciousness through meditation, IST (Inner Space Techniques), yoga and inner alchemy.

In 2001, Ben had his first experience with meditation. From this moment on it became the foundation for his continued inner exploration and growth. Ben has engaged in many silent meditation retreats, and in 2008 spend 3 months in full time intensive practices in Thailand, while at the same time immersing in a 500 hour yoga teacher training. In 2013, feeling the need for more depth, he again dove into full time intensive meditation practices for 5 months in Northern California.

With over 16 years of dedicated personal meditation practice, Ben has developed a very intuitive and effective approach to teaching meditation. Passionately sharing his love and curiosity for exploring inner states of consciousness, he not only helps people get out of their ordinary mind and experience deep states of inner peace and clarity, but even more importantly, he teaches you how to integrate this into your daily lives.

In early 2014 Ben discovered Foundation Training. It was completely clear, this was something that offered profound healing by correcting poor posture and poor movement patterns, returning integrity to the physical structure. Ben has a depth of understanding of the physical body through both his 15 years  professional work in massage and body work and through a personally active and athletic lifestyle.  When he discovered Foundation Training, it was immediately apparent how simple and effective the system is.  Within just a few weeks of discovering it, Ben became the first certified instructor in Vancouver.

Condensing his many years of knowledge and personal experience, Ben brings a unique blend of offerings for our modern times, providing you with effective tools to cut through the chaos of the ordinary mind, emotions and limiting belief systems, while getting out of pain and learning to move with strength and confidence, creating self sustainable health and well-being for the long term.