Peacekeeper Project

The Vision


A world in which people’s choices, words and actions are based in a space of integrity, Truth and heart, creating ripples throughout the community and humanity at large.

To create a world in which we all thrive, every individual must realize their own contribution to the collective and take responsibility for their own actions. Letting go of charged emotions, limiting belief systems and insecurities and living in integrity.

Personal transformation based on a greater vision of the community and humanity at large.


As long as there is war going on inside us (including our emotions and thoughts), there will always be war and violence happening outside in the world.

If we are serious about creating peace, we must firstly know what peace is, and secondly take complete responsibility for our actions and their effects.

Peace is not just an idea, concept or word. Peace is an experience. Therefore it is inside. An experience of inner peace is beyond the chaos and non stop chatter of our ordinary mind.

Our actions are a result of our inner experience, so the words we say, the choices we make and the actions we take will vary greatly depending on our state of mind. Complete responsibility cannot happen without an awareness of our inner experience.

We are all keepers of our own inner peace. We all have the responsibility to be Peacekeepers in the world.

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Getting Started with Meditation


The first step is to silence the non stop chatter of our mind.

Meditation is a powerful tool that allows us to move beyond the usual chaos of our ordinary mind and emotions, and experience life with clarity, inner peace and a sense of purpose. It allows us to remain calm and focused even when surrounded by external pressures and stress.


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