The experience of our ordinary world is that of Meditatingour consciousness being continually pulled outward into the material world, through the senses, and we lose sight of our inner truth. This is the normal experience of our reality, a moving away from the core of our being. Meditation, on the other hand, is an inward path. It is a turning inwards and expanding of consciousness in order to re-discover our true nature.

True peace, joy and empathy are not created from the ordinary mind, but are instead revealed when we can move beyond it. To the ordinary mind peace, joy and empathy are concepts, and like all concepts they are not your true nature. Only by moving beyond the ordinary mind can we experience these qualities unconditionally.

A Practice for Living in the World

Meditation is not about escaping the world, it is about awakening to your true nature and then experiencing the world from a new perspective, beyond the emotional turbulence of ordinary existence.

The Mind

The greatest barrier to meditation is the mind. It is impossible to fight the mind with the mind. We cannot force the mind into silence. Meditation is not a “doing,” it is about letting go and “being.” It is a process for cultivating the ability to let go of the grasping tendencies of the mind and reveal a deeper understanding of yourself. When we let go of the mind we discover increasing inner peace and stillness.

Right from the beginning of Patañjali’s yoga sutras, he describes yoga as the control, or cessation, of the fluctuations of the mind.
Yoga sutras 1.2 – yogaś citta vṛtti nirodhaḥ.

He continues in the next verse to say that as soon as you stop the fluctuations you dwell in your own true nature.
– Yoga sutra 1.3 – Tadā draṣṭu svarūpe avasthānam.

IST and Meditation

Neutralizing mental fluctuations is at the heart of any serious meditation practice. IST is a systematic process to dive deep into the psyche and deconstruct the source of these fluctuations, the samskaras. This brings profound deepening of stillness and clarity – essential keys for any meditation or yoga practice.

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