Inner Space Techniques


IST is a set of therapeutic and healing techniques based on the inner space of meditation.

Inner Space Interactive Sourcing

Through emotional release and deep opening IST delivers lasting change and resolution of mental, emotional and energetic issues. Emotional patterns drop, mental conditioning is dismantled and a deep knowing of your true nature is revealed.

The layer of life force is often impacted by emotional trauma and mental conditioning. In these instances IST is a powerful technique used to source where the problem lies.

Developed by Dr. Samuel Sagan of the Clairvision School with a team of doctors, psychologists, homeopaths, naturopaths and other health practitioners, over a period of 20 years. Based on meditation techniques and a comprehensive model of consciousness, IST is used for a range of applications, from regression and past-life therapy to the process of self exploration, mapping consciousness and emotional release.


By finding the Source.

Just as there are scars of the physical body, there are scars of the mind (samskaras). Root causes often lie on an unconscious level where they remain unknown and unresolved. To achieve lasting results we need to make the unconscious conscious.

Sourcing is about moving from the external layers of thoughts, emotions and patterns to their internal roots in the depths of the psyche. Profound realizations come from seeing for yourself what lies behind your habitual attitudes and emotional patterns.

This therapeutic process uses an inner space of meditation that takes you to deep levels of your essence, from where you can see, feel and release the root causes of emotional patterns, attitudes and beliefs. Without such metaphysical openings, psychological and health issues can go around in circles, forever escaping resolution.

Benefits of IST

  • Freedom from mental and emotional blocks
  • Overcome fears, grief or loss
  • Increased vitality and spontaneity
  • More joy, openness and fulfillment
  • Greater clarity when making important decisions
  • Healing
  • Improved relationships
  • Greater depth in your meditation and yoga practice
  • Awakening to a greater dimension of who you really are


IST and Meditation

IST brings profound deepening to any meditation or yoga practice as it works at deep subconscious and unconscious levels, deconstructing the seeds of mental and emotional conditioning. Essential for a meditation practice to work or to lead a life of free will.

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The Process

No knowledge or training in meditation is required. The role of the IST practitioner is to facilitate and support your journey inside by holding the inner space for you and asking questions.

It is not necessary to believe in past lives. IST does not use imagination or creative visualization. It does not ask you to believe in anything, only to follow a process. The fewer beliefs you bring with you the more chance of success. Beliefs generate expectations that tend to distort the purity of the experience.

What is important about regression experiences is not whether they come from a past life, but what improvement they can bring to your present life.

The book “Regression: Past Life Therapy for Here and Now Freedom,” by Samuel Sagan is highly recommended to give you a more comprehensive overview of the process and benefits of regression. Links to excerpts can be found on the references page.

How Long is a Session?

75 minutes.

How Many Sessions Will I Need?

It depends on how far you want to go!

In only a few sessions some issues can be significantly resolved. The deepest and most long term imprints do not usually let go so quickly. These can require regular sessions over weeks or months. Do not let this put you off. Working on these long term imprints bring the greatest releases and therefore the greatest rewards. It is an amazing journey of self discovery and healing.

If you would like to know more about how IST can elevate your life contact me now.