Body Mind Solution

Optimizing Body and Mind


Meditation + Foundation Training


With the Body and Mind Solutions you get maximum results by combining the best of both worlds.

The body and mind are intimately connected, and working on one level will have an effect on the other. However, when we approach health from both directions, holistically, we can achieve maximum results, often in less time.

That doesn’t mean we stop looking after our self once the program is complete. The goal of living a holistic life is long term. The Body Bannerand Mind Solution provides tools for the long term, which once learned, create a solid foundation for a life of health and wellness.


Intro Workshop


This two hour workshop is an integration of both the Body Solution and Mind Solution workshops.

First hour
  • Presentation – What is Foundation Training
  • Q & A
  • Intro to a couple of basic exercises
  • How to integrate and transfer it to the workplace
Second hour
  • Presentation – What is meditation
  • Q & A
  • An intro to meditation




6 Week Body Mind Series


This 6 week series is an integration of the Body Solution and the Mind Solution and is the perfect way to optimize the full potential of your team and business.

Your team will learn learn how to overcome and prevent the negative effects of the corporate environment such as stress, anxiety, fatigue, poor posture and back pain. Your team will enhance their mental faculties of focus, concentration and creativity through meditation, while cultivating a strong healthy body though Foundation Training.

We will start with the basics to develop a solid foundation, from which we will continue to build on each week. We will also cover how to integrate it all into the corporate setting and everyday life.


Series structure


  • One class per week
  • Foundation Training + Meditation
  • Class length: 90min
  • Two class per week
  • One Foundation Training & one Meditation
  • Class length: 45min


Regular classes


Whether your staff has gone though the 8 week series or not, having a regular class will provide your team with the knowledge, tools and motivation to counteract the negative side effects that office work has on the body and mind.

The regularity of the classes can be created to suite your companies needs. There are many possibilities we can create but here are a few options.

  • One or more classes per week
  • Single session could include FT + meditation (total time 90min)
  • Two sessions a week, one FT and one meditation (each class 45min)
  • Bi-weekly or monthly options available


We can completely customize a package to fit you specific needs and goals.

If you would like to learn more about how IAS Corporate Wellness Solutions can elevate employee engagement, create a harmonious workplace environment and help your business  thrive, contact me.

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