Inner Alchemy Systems provides tools for people who are not satisfied with their current level of health and well-being, physically and mentally, and want more.

Many people desire more from their lives but are not quite sure what “more” is. Ben’s unique approach ensures you will have the tools you need to create self sustainable health and well-being for the long term.

The three main areas of specialization are:

1. Meditation – To move beyond the limits of your ordinary mind and experience the deep stillness that forever resides in the background of your consciousness.

2. Foundation Training – To teach the body to get out of poor movement patterns and move efficiently and powerfully as the body is designed to. Improved posture and movement patterns take us out of pain, prevent injuries and increase performance. When the body is strong it provides an environment conducive to a more peaceful and focused life.

3. IST healing – IST is a therapeutic method of self exploration, designed to bring freedom from self-limiting beliefs and emotions by going to the source to resolve them at their depth.


All you need is the willingness to change and we can make it happen.

Contact me now to book an initial free 15 – 20 minute consultation to discover how I can help you to be more. Can be done in person, via skype or phone.



“You don’t change by solving your problems; you solve your problems by changing.” – Samuel Sagan