Welcome to Inner Alchemy Systems


Long Term, Self  Sustainable, Holistic Wellness for the modern world.
Specializing in Meditation, Foundation Training and IST, the goal is simple… emotional freedom, mental clarity, vitality, healthy movement and a deep understanding of who you really are.

Be defined by the real you inside… not your issues!




A practice for living in the world… Meditation is not about escaping the world, it is about awakening and shifting beyond the emotional turbulence of ordinary existence… [more]

Foundation Training

A series of exercises designed to teach the body to get out of poor movement patterns and move efficiently and powerfully as the body is designed to… [more]


IST is a therapeutic method of self exploration, designed to bring freedom from self-limiting beliefs and emotions by going to the source… [more]


Peacekeeper Project

Personal transformation based on a greater vision of the community and humanity at large… [more]